Models and modellers

A little about us...

Like almost every Czech modeler, we started with modeling kits from Směr and Kovozávody Prostějov. And we still remember well how hard was it to build a really good model of these brands with our modest equipment and to paint it with our set of half-dried Unikol colours. These times have passed and the level of models at which the model companies "bomb us" is incomparable.

Ing. David Formánek

Petr Pícha

Marek Kotrč

With the foundation of our museum and its website, we also got the idea to publish our creations. You already know some of our models from the competitions, where we try to participate in a lot. Our projects are not limited to any period or country. Nevertheless, it is "patriotism" that motivates us to build aircrafts of the Czech and Czechoslovak pilots. Our goal is to build models that will be a faithful miniature of real machines.

We also intend to contact some friends this way and show you their selected models here in our gallery. Let me wish you a pleasant entertainment and a nice tour.

                                                                                                                                Petr Pícha